The Liberated Manager

by Stuart Drew

Are you concerned about being valued as a manager? Do you feel the need to ‘have all the answers’? Do you worry too much about work? Are some of your peers doing better than you? Have you hired some people you wish you hadn’t? Are you at ease with the global multi-cultural world? Are you coming second too often in sales?

Should any of these questions make you feel uncomfortable, the good news is that you are not alone. The better news is that as the author of this book I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt for success. It reads ‘I am a liberated manager’.
The path to liberation and differentiated success is in managing your Personal Share Price, a concept introduced in the book as a means of understanding the day to day value you bring to your role.

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About Stuart Drew

Stuart Drew has a 25 year of achieving results from a rookie manager to board level ranging from global multinational corporations to a dotcom start up. He has worked for a ‘big 4’ global consulting firm and served as a non executive director for a quoted company. He has been a chairman of a private members club and chairman of a European trade association. He has extensive management experience in working with private and public sector organisations.


From readers of the book and former colleagues of Stuart’s

Stuart, you led a team that fearlessly paved many new trails that others were quick to follow… you have always run ahead and shown the way.  This learning captured in your book will be of great value to others.
Vineet Nayar

Former CEO, HCL Technologies

Insights and techniques learned and honed by Stuart through his own deep corporate and personal experience are clearly and engagingly explained in this very readable book.
Patti Stevens, MSc

Founder, APECS

The Liberated Manager is a must-read for all who need help in getting prepared to tackle the myriad challenges of managing people in today’s agile world.
Anand Pillai

Managing Director, Leadership Matters

The Liberated Manager is a terrific book. Stuart Drew offers a fresh and insightful look at the world of management, through anecdotes from his own highly-successful career.
Professor Julian Birkinshaw

London Business School